About the tool

You’re a district or school leader who has implemented all the proper safety measures necessary to reopen your schools to in-person learning. But do you have enough teachers to staff each classroom?

Until large percentages of teachers are fully vaccinated, schools may remain vulnerable to unexpected teacher shortages due to potential COVID-19 exposure. Use this tool to:

  • Plan ahead. Obtain a forecast for the percentage of teachers in your district or school who will be unavailable for in-person instruction each day because of potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Address the unique needs of your district or school. Customize your results by adding information about instructional arrangements, including the number of students with whom a typical teacher will have close contact each day; rates of new COVID-19 cases in your community; and the extent of teacher vaccination. The tool provides separate forecasts for elementary, middle, and high school grades.
  • Assess future staffing plans. With the forecast in hand, you can compare the number of teachers expected to be at home with the number of available substitute teachers in your district or school. If you do not have enough substitute teachers, it’s time to consider additional ways to address this forecasted staffing shortage in your planning for in-person instruction.


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